The purpose of this blog is to open my thoughts about Health, Happiness, Joy and Osteopathy and anything that might relate to these things. I have studied osteopathy for almost 12 years now. I started my studies in autumn 2016, graduated 2010 summer time, continued with post graduation courses straight autumn 2010 and I am still on the same way. I did my masters degree in Osteopathy 2015 and now I go to approximately 8 post graduation courses per year. Its easy to say that osteopathy is my passion.

For the first time I feel that I am starting to have a fuller idea of what osteopathy actually is. At its best it is finding and strengthening health in many levels and my understanding of it grows and develops all the time. Through this blog I want to share thoughts that arise after post graduation courses about osteopathy, health and about humanity all in all. It will always require a little bit of history and background information because I want the readers to have an opportunity for a deeper understanding of osteopathy. At the same time I hope these writings will also benefit my collegues. There fore I will vary the depth of the writings, sometimes speaking more common knowledge of osteopathy and sometimes talking more with professional depth. All feedback is lovingly reseaved.

I have also had the pleasure to travel the world with amazing people. Each one of these trips always add to my understanding of Health, happiness, about how people work and why they work the way they do. In osteopathy its all about Health. “Body, mind and spirit are all interrelated” as the founder of osteopathy Andrew Taylor Still has said. Thanks to this wide perspective, almost anything related to human life and Health can be seen as part of osteopathy. With great interest, I will also try to open these thought that arise from these trips in this blog.

I emphasize that these are one persons thoughts about osteopathy and health