What is osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a healthcare profession that treats the body as a whole. Treatments are done manually and different techniques and principles of treatment are used to make the body work better. Human being is a whole and therefore in osteopathy the goal is the know the whole situation of health and problem is faced as wide as possible.

All tissues are related to one and another and that’s the reason why pain is not always there where the reason for it is. For example dysfunction in the ankle or in the pelvic area might be the cause of headaches. The goal of osteopathy is to restore the balance in the body, to make it work as it was designed to work. This is done following osteopathic principles of treatment, combining different techniques to restore fluid flow so that the self-healing, self-regulating mechanism can work at its best and do all the necessary adjustments.

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Osteopathy has a lot of different techniques that are designed to have an effect on different tissue levels. They can be used to release tension from muscles, increase movement to joints, increase fluid flow, calm and balance nervous system or for example effect intestines directly or indirectly. Due to the wide technique collection, treatment can be adjusted to fit individual situation and person as well as possible. It also enables a very soft treatment where the body is guided to the right direction in order for it heal itself.